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A range of personal development programmes
helping you realise your true potential.

personal development programmes

From effortlessly establishing rapport with other people or speaking with confidence and authority in front of large audiences, to achieving your goals and planning your future.

Whatever your issue, we work with you to find out what you want, how you can get it, and when you will achieve your results.


We can help:

  • Improve confidence and self-esteem
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Overcome phobias and addictions
  • Successful weight control
  • Enhance performance and focus

Individual packages



An initial consultation to establish exactly what it is you want to achieve, and how you will attain your ambitions. An action plan over a specific period of time is agreed which is followed up from one session to another. Session dates can be weekly, fortnightly or to suit you. They are either face to face or over the phone.

Personal Breakthrough Day

Personal Breakthrough Day

A focused, rapid, results driven process that will achieve measurable, significant change in just one day. These sessions focus the mind on the immediate problem at hand, and then look to develop a mental toolkit for individuals to utilise in order to think around specific issues leading to a clearer mental state.




Results Orientated Sessions

Results Orientated Sessions

Achieve the results at work, home & play that you desire & deserve. See your future and know exactly how to get there with just two sessions per month! Set goals and achieve them, thats it. These sessions are perfect for focusing the mind on exactly what you want to achieve and removing all barriers to you realising the dreams you have.


Goal Orientated Sessions

Goal Orientated Sessions

Want to discover what your goals are and be guided and held accountable to achieve them? Then simply this is the choice for you. With just one session per month you will be amazed at how quickly you will achieve more than you ever dreamed.





Milestones Trust
Fleet Support Group



“I just wanted to say thanks for the time you gave to me last week. You really helped me make some fantastic new distinctions and dramatic change. The Confidence CD is wonderful. Thank you”.





“From the moment I left you this morning I felt a fog had been lifted and I could see and think clearly for the first time in years”


Amanda F



“Tessa, I am writing to thank you for all your help and encouragement over the past few months. My life has totally changed since you became my Coach. I know that I would not have achieved the goals I have without your –sometimes challenging – questions and guidance. I approach everything with a confidence I’ve never had before and my outlook is so much more positive. I am sure I am a foot taller now! My only regret is that I did not come to see you sooner. But hey, NOW this is MY TIME! Thank you again.”


Andy Crown



“I do not have words in my vocabulary to say ‘Thank You’! You have given me back a belief in myself!”


Chloe B



“Tessa, you have such a big part to play in 2007. Our experience with you for me and my sisters, Chris and Carole, was very profound and has had a positive and lasting effect. Thank you so much.”


Jo Bond



“Just a little card to say THANK YOU for such an amazing training course. I feel much happier and more focused than I have before. I know which direction I am going in and I ALWAYS find time for me now, even giving myself the occasional treat or two! So a big thank you.”


Carly Godfrey



“Thank you so much for the amazing training. The experience was wonderful. I immediately felt as though I was with friends. I cannot believe how much I learned in such a short space of time. I know that the best way to say ‘Thank You’ is to move on in our lives, and ‘Pay Forward’ the changes and gifts we have developed. Thank you.


Carole Steep


"Where do I begin? When I decided to embark on my journey of becoming a thin/fit person I didn’t believe for one minute it was I internet searched and came across the lovely Tessa Kirby. Well, what can I say!!, she has revolutionised my life, in four easy sessions I have joined a regular aerobics class, go swimming, stand tall, am positive and most importantly I have gone down 2 dress sizes in 2 months!!!! Unbelievable, I can’t begin to explain to you, how happy, how energised I am, all I can say is give Tessa a go, she really does work miracles.......Thank you Tessa from one extremely happy, energised 41 year old, with a new zest for life"


"Working with Tessa enabled me stop and reflect on the way I was living my life, it gave me the tools, ability and most of all the strength to make the changes I knew I needed to make. I am now in control  of my life and am confident that the changes I have made I will be able to sustain."


Our head office is based in Bath, Somerset but our
team can deliver a programme of expert training
services across the UK and internationally. 

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